Automate getting your Amazon Associate Central data in a Spreadsheet or accessible via API.

Put an end to manual report download, web scraping, captcha solving, email confirmations, and IP blocking.

Amazon Associate Central

Import your data in Google Spreadsheet

Automate your data import into a Google Sheet for all report types
Customize your column names, request calculations, integrate with Zapier

Get your data accessible via API

Your data is available via API REST with a single API key and API secret pair, no matter what technology you need to use.
#You can also use wget
curl \
 -H 'X-API-KEY: abc' \
 -H 'X-API-SECRET: xyz'
GET https// HTTP/1.1
X-API-KEY: abc
var headers = {
  'X-API-KEY': 'abc',
  'X-API-SECRET': 'xyz

  url: '',
  method: 'get',
  headers: headers,
  success: function(data) {
$curl = curl_init();
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, '');
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, [
  'X-API-KEY: abc',
  'X-API-SECRET: xyz',
$response = curl_exec($curl);

const request = require('node-fetch');

const headers = {
  'X-API-KEY': 'abc',
  'X-API-SECRET': 'xyz

  method: 'GET',
  headers: headers
.then(function(res) {
  return res.json();
}).then(function(body) {
require 'rest-client'
require 'json'

headers = {
  'X-API-KEY' => 'abc',
  'X-API-SECRET' => 'xyz'

result = '',
  params: {},
  headers: headers

p JSON.parse(result)
import requests
headers = {
  'X-API-KEY': 'abc',
  'X-API-SECRET': 'xyz

r = requests.get('', params = {}, headers = headers)

print r.json()
package main

import (

func main() {
  headers := map[string][]string{
  "X-API-KEY": []string{"abc"},
  "X-API-SECRET": []string{"xyz"},

data := bytes.NewBuffer([]byte{jsonReq})
req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", "", data)
req.Header = headers

client := &http.Client{}
resp, err := client.Do(req)}
    "category": "Toys & Games",
    "name": "Trouble Game: Retro Series 1986 Edition",
    "asin": "B06XWHMTC1",
    "date": "2021-01-02 10:04:57",
    "qty": "1",
    "price": "35.19",
    "link_type": "Text Only, Image Only, Text and Image Links",
    "tag": "campaign12-20",
    "indirect_sales": "ndi",
    "device": "DESKTOP"
    "category": "Grocery & Gourmet Food",
    "name": "Tropicana Juice, Fruit Medley, 10 Fl Oz (Pack of 15)",
    "asin": "B01BLOULX4",
    "date": "2021-01-02 11:33:49",
    "qty": "1",
    "price": "15",
    "link_type": "Text Only, Image Only, Text and Image Links",
    "tag": "campaign28-20",
    "indirect_sales": "ndi",
    "device": "PHONE"
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Your Amazon Associates Central report data is available in a Spreadsheet or via API REST.

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Why Amazon Associate Portal?
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I'd like to find an automated way to download the affiliate report (which items were purchased) via an API. I'm comfortable writing code.

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